Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PLN 16

In “What Difference Might one ‘S’ Make” by David Warlick, the author describes what a class in the future might look like. He describes the class as being an independent study where students use computer applications to create a project that helps each student relate to what they are learning. After reading this article, I have decided what matters to me the most is making education more personal. We could use more classes like the one Warlick mentions in the article. These classes would teach us skills that would come in handy in looking for a job. We should have more classes that allow us to choose what we learn, so we can work towards the job we want. Why try to teach us applications that may not be used? “What Difference Might one ‘S’ Make” by David Warlick made me excited about future classes where I am in charge of my own learning.


  1. "Why teach us applications that may not be used?" Well schools essentially teach a huge variety of skills, to prepare you for mostly any career. It comes to you to choose from your skills which are the best, and act on that choice.

  2. Schools try to make their students well-rounded people. That's why in university for example, people in the Faculty of Engineering have to take English classes. Instead of focusing on one sole career, it makes it easier if you ever decide to change your mind. In elementary and high school, they help to prepare you for your future. You can see what interests you and you can figure out what you absolutely hate!