Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PLN 31

In the article “If I was a Petulant Child” by David Warlick, the author talks about a presentation he was giving to teachers, and that he was doing it without internet. He says it wasn’t a problem for him, but pictured a likely reaction of a twelve year old.
No Internet? Wait a minute. You want me to talk about how my generation thinks, how we interact with each other, how we play – and work – and learn, what we care about and where we do it — and you want me to do it without the Internet?
I think that this is very true. Our entire generation almost revolves around the internet, if not most of the world. Shouldn’t there be a push to get internet in all school districts in the U.S., at least? This is what matters to me in David Warlick’s “If I was a Petulant Child.”

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