Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PLN 19

In “Teachers as Learners (Part 32)” by Will Richardson, the author talks about a workshop for teachers he instructs. During the workshop, he asks the teachers “If there was one part of your personal learning practice that you wanted to focus on today, what would it be? What questions would you seek to answer?” In this article, what matters to me is the future of teaching. Teachers should also look at themselves as learners. No one is ever finished learning, even if they start teaching others. People who teach should be learning more than most people. This is what mattered to me in Will Richardson’s “Teachers as Learners (Part 32)”.


  1. Yeah according to some psychologists 70% of learning is from an teacher, but the other 30% comes with teaching it. Teachers definitely are learning everyday they teach. Intellect, as you said, should never stop progressing. Why do think teaching a topic actually increases ones knowledge in what they teach?

  2. The teaching process can bring a better understanding of the material to the teacher, as well as the students. Teachers also have to be aware of how their students learn. Everyone is different and has their own learning styles. Teachers must adapt every year in order to reach out to their students. How have various teachers changed their teaching styles throughout your school years? In other words, how have the ways in which various teachers taught differed?