Sunday, November 22, 2009

PLN 25

In “A Few Shifts I See Happening” by David Warlick, the author talks about differences he sees in some fields, like education. I believe these shifts will benefit our society. Classroom learning is being replaced by network learning. This would help because then people wouldn’t need to worry as much about getting to their class on time. Also, the classes could be more interactive or the lectures could be recorded so the lectures could be replayed if something is not understood. This is what matters to me in “A Few Shifts I See Happening” by David Warlick.


  1. I agree with you on this topic. Times are changing abundantly, and teachers are learning to adapt their methods of teaching as well. I also think that in network learning, it opens your learning possibilities. One's social network can help them learn from others.

    I actually have a couple of profs who record the lectures in order for the students to be able to review it again later. This is really helpful for me!

  2. "The power of social networking is endless". Sharing information is so vitally important isn't it? I agree with you that technology is presenting education with a variety of alternatives and great advancements.