Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PLN 24

In “The World has become a Lot More Interesting” by David Warlick, the author talks about how the world is changing. Instead of being competitive, the world is becoming cooperative. I believe that this is true. The world is ending a phase of competition, both politically and corporately. Everyone should begin to work with others, because eventually we will need to rely on others. This is what matters to me in “The World has become a Lot More Interesting” by David Warlick.

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  1. Hmm that's very interesting. I would have to disagree a bit. If you look at technological companies such as Apple and Microsoft you can see huge competition. These competitive companies run deep. Other examples could be Nvidia and ATI, or Intel and AMD; or to shift to industry, we can compare Honda to Ford, or Toyota to Nissan. My point is that what the aspect of competition does is provide an urgency for progess. Perhaps you should consider this, and maybe provide some examples of how the world is becoming less competitive.